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About Us


Established in 2006, SIMACS IT has a wide network spread across globally and caters to almost every need in the field of IT training. SIMACS IT offering courses on high-quality technical areas. We have over decade of experience is serving customers of different sizes and needs. We ensure you perfect design and IT development course. We deliver only proven technical solutions. We focused on SAP technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. we provides an affordable and easy-to-implement Sap solution designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of emerging and dynamically growing businesses.
SIMACS IT is your one-stop solution for all sorts of IT related problems or queries. We follow only the contemporary styled teaching technique, as we believe in providing students with their needful desires in current software industry.

Believe in Customer-Centric Service:

SIMACS IT always believes in customer centric service. Our sole focus is customer delight. Unlike most of the other software ventures in India. SIMACS has deliberately avoided the traditional path off-shore contracts and body shopping. Instead, we deliver flexible solutions to our aspiring students and ensure maximum performance level.

Expertise in IT Industry:

We have expertise in SAP ALL MODULES, JAVA, .NET and SQL. We have database teams proficient in Bigdata – Hadoop. We have experience in many Data Warehousing ETL & Reporting tools and Cloud Computing – Salesforce. No matter how difficult your problem is, we will help you with the best solutions. Join our IT courses, and let our trainers guide you through the entire path. We further provide our clients with help in areas, relating to IT recruitment and corporate training. Join hands with some real-time employers, who will be your trainers. Additionally, procure help from our training consultants, ready to help you in one to one training session. We will add personal care with our training sessions, and will dedicate our time towards each student separately. Whether you are planning to register in classroom or online training courses, you can have it from our side.

Our Motive:

The primary motive of SIMACS IT is to become a global leader in the field of software development and recruitment. We ensure to provide you with cost effective software related services, which help in empowering clients by deploying intelligent business terms. Our objectives include the creation of highly focused and competent course modules, dealing with new IT changes and their solutions.

Our Services:

SIMACS IT deals with a great mission. The primary aim is to provide quality training. Depending on the flexible requirement of clients, we have separate course modules, related to IT industry. From training service to placement services, options are limitless.

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